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Welcome to Farmer Rob’s Produce. We’re passionate about farming, sharing and growing our knowledge, while supporting local and regional farm produce suppliers.

When you shop through us, you’ll directly support regional communities and gain access to products normally found in your local farmers market. We work very closely with farmers and producers across Australia to provide you with high quality, natural, farm-grown and ethically sourced ingredients.

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We are an Australian family-owned biscuit manufacturer. Our treats are handmade in small batches using traditional techniques and finest quality ingredients. With over 36 years of experience, our artisan chef ensures that each biscuit contains no more than six main ingredients and is naturally preserved with butter and sugar. We also believe in using local produce wherever possible resulting in the most delicious, high quality gourmet biscuit of its kind, and Gold, Silver, and Bronze winner at the 2015 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards.

Everyone here at Alice Langton’s has a strong commitment to: ‘produce only the finest quality products using the very best natural ingredients’. Today, Alice Langton’s Sauces is a well-known and trusted brand in Australia. It is still very much a family business and handmade the old fashioned way making Real Chocolate Sauce, superb Fresh Fruit Sauces and delicious and Savoury Sauces – top quality products – at the best possible price.

Fancy Hanks

Fancy Hank’s is ‘the’ smoke house everyone seeks out, serving more smoked brisket and ribs than any other joint in the Melbourne CBD, if not Australia. After years of customers nicking bottles off tables and begging to buy the sauce, it’s finally available for purchase. If you are looking for authentic BBQ or Hot sauce look no further….

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Home of the Yarra Valley’s favourite preserves for over 20 years, Yarra Valley Gourmet Foods brings together the freshest Australian local produce to manufacture an inspired and beautifully packaged collection of gourmet salad dressings, jams, jellies, mustards, chutney/relishes, mayonnaise, and vinegars. Made from the finest, pure ingredients, our all-natural range is handmade in small batches to retain all the flavour and goodness you’d expect of a gourmet product made with love. We have various brands including Yarra Valley Preserves, Yarra Valley Larder and Mad Dog Chiili. Put simply, it’s simple food, with extraordinary flavour, from the heart of the Yarra Valley.

Planet Eco is a family run business based in Melbourne. We believe that growing your own food is not only good for your health and the environment but it can also be heaps of fun! Planet Eco was started to encourage more kids to get outside and to have a go at growing their own edible gardens with their families. It is so important for children to find out where their food comes from, and it’s amazing to watch kids harvest and eat the produce they have grown themselves. Being passionate about the environment, we have reflected this as much as possible when creating our products. We use organic, recycled and/or sustainable materials whenever possible.


The Yarra Valley Tea Company is a wholly owned and operated Australian business founded by Garrick Hicks & Meaghan Grace back in 2006. With limited funds but abundant determination they have gradually built a small home based business into a fully mechanized organic beverage manufacturing facility based at their Coldstream factory. The factory was opened in 2012 and welcomes visitors to view the tea processing facility from sorting, blending and bagging. Unlike most other small to medium size tea companies in Australia, we manufacture all our tea varieties on our machines right here in Australia…not overseas!

Their factory, although small, produces up to 10 million biodegradable pyramid bags per year and over 15 tonne of Tea Service lines supplying Melbourne metropolitan and Australia wide through our distribution partners in each state.

Yarra valley honey company

Yarra Valley Honey Company is a family business run by two generations of the Alcock family. The Alcocks care so much about the environment with a huge love for their bees and take great pride in the honey they produce. A lot of time and effort goes into caring for their hives throughout the Yarra Valley and their pure raw honey is spun direct from the hive to the jar.


Located in Victoria’s beautiful Yarra Valley, Silva Coffee is a family owned coffee company established in 2010 by husband and wife team, Wayne and Cleo Silva. By drawing on his experience and expertise from a career in the technical industry coupled with a deep creative curiosity, Wayne has developed his own unique coffee roasting signature. This shapes a strong partnership with Cleo’s passion for flavour and desire to share and celebrate delicious flavours with others, it is not un-common to hear the phrase, “you have to try this!”. Great coffee comes from respecting the science, art, people and flavours involved from seed to cup.

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