3 Reasons Why Bees Are Important to Us and How We Can Help Them

3 Reasons Why Bees Are Important to Us and How We Can Help Them

”Bees are a sign of well-functioning ecosystems.” – José Graziano da Silva, U.N.’s Food and Agriculture Organization

Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem; they are responsible in providing food and products used in the healthcare sector. Certainly, the greatest contribution of bees is the pollination of almost three quarters of the plants that produces most of the global food supply. It is reported that a third of world’s food production greatly depend on pollination.

Here are the main three reasons why bees are important to the environment and to us, humans.

No Bees = No Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables

Most, if not all fruits, nuts, and vegetables that we love to eat need bees. For crops to germinate, they require the transfer of pollen from the male part of the flower to the female part. As pollinators, it is the bees who move from flower to flower in search of nectar, and while doing so, they leave behind grains of pollen on the sticky surface, allowing plants to grow and produce food.

They Provide Balance in the Ecosystem

As pollinators, bees contribute to the interconnected ecosystems, which allow a diverse number of different species to co-exist. Because of bees, trees, flowers, and other plants grow, which provide food and shelter to other species. So if there are no bees, there will be a domino effect in our ecosystem, which will not only affect crops and animals but humans as well.

They Help Economies

As mentioned, bees are responsible for the steady supply of food to the global market. Crops and produce that depend on pollination are an important source of income to farmers, especially smaller farmers and family-owned farms. Bees are responsible for the jobs and income to millions of people worldwide. According to the estimates, the annual global production of food that depends directly on pollination is worth between $235 and $577 billion.

Bees need our help. Did you know that you can help save bees very easily? Here are some of the many ways we could do to help our busy buzzing friends.

Keep Bee-Friendly Plants

Having native plants that are rich in pollen and nectar in your garden can help your local bees thrive a lot. Dandelion and clover are popular among honey bees and serve as an excellent food source.

Offer Them Water

Bees are hard-working creatures so it is natural for them to need water to stay healthy. You can help them out by setting up a clean, safe spot for them to rest and get a drink. No need for an expensive garden pool or fountain, a small bowl of clean water will suffice.

Support Your Local Beekeepers

When you buy honey from your local beekeepers, you are financially supporting them and their bees. Since bees are so good for the environment, buying your honey locally means you are directly supporting your local environment as well.

We at Farmer Rob’s Produce do our best to help save bees. The honey products we sell in our online store are sourced from local beekeepers. If you would like help in saving bees and supporting local communities and ecosystems, you might want to check out the products we have in our shop.

If you think bees are just little creatures that buzz all day long, think again. They play a vital role across sectors of our society, from ecosystems to economies.

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