Quick Tips for growing your food garden

Quick Tips for growing your food garden

Tips for growing food gardens


Start with rich soil

Having the best nutrients in your soil will improve the quality of what you grow. Combine compost from kitchen and garden scraps with chicken or cow manure Concentrate on as much organic matter as possible in your compost and the soil will be in prime condition for growing.

Water regularly

Plants need plenty of hydration, and watering is so important mostly on a daily basis. Drip or sprinkler system on timers can help especially if you are away and the weather heats up. Watch out for windy conditions as these can dry the soil.

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Position for light

North-facing light is the best, so observe how the sun travels over your garden during the day, which will change with the seasons. Eight hours of sunlight per day is the recommended dosage, however some produce like lettuce needs shaded conditions. So always be mindful of your produce light requirements and do a bit of online research and map out the sunlight and spacing requirements of the varieties you want to plant.

Use banana peels for citrus plants

When a Banana skin decomposes, it adds potassium as well as small amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium to the soil in a similar fashion as a slow-release fertilizer.
Citrus plants thrive on this combination. Ensure you place the skin in the soil a little away from the trunk, out towards the dripline of the tree.

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Let your plants go to seed

Allow your produce to go to seed. There are a few benefits if you do this. Firstly you can collect the seeds and keep them for your next planting to save money. Secondly it will bring in beneficial insects which act as a natural organic pest control system.

Use egg shells to defend against snails and slugs

Crushed egg shells deter leaf-munching snails and slugs. Scatter them onto the soil and the snails will turn away because they don’t like walking on crushed surfaces. Eggs are a natural remedy, popular in most households and organic.

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Don’t give up

The golden rule of gardening is to be guided by nature. If something is not meant to be grown in a certain area or soil or conditions are not right nature will tell you.

Learn from your mistakes to be a better and more successful gardener. There is always another time, another crop and another season. Growing and eating your own produce is such a fulfilling experience.

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