The benefits of Loose Leaf Tea

The benefits of Loose Leaf Tea

Australia is a nation of tea drinkers, it seems. It is not uncommon for approximately half our population to enjoy a few good cuppas a week.

Tea is thousands of years old and almost every human culture has drank some form of it at some stage, and the health and wellbeing benefits of tea are seemingly endless.

So why Loose Leaf tea as opposed to Tea bags?

Tea in general has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which can contribute to overall wellness and the highest concentrations of these properties are found in fresh leaves.

Loose Leaf Tea provides an overall more refined tea experience. Being very diverse, flavours often closely reflect the climate, geography, production and cultivars. So you can taste difference and smell the varying aromas between leaves and locations. We suggest brewing for a few minutes to really experience fresh and wholesome.

No bags means Loose Leaf tea also reduces waste and is a great compost, just throw directly onto your compost and your worms will love you!

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